Internalizing Scripture in a Digital Age

Now that my time as a pastoral apprentice has concluded, one of my favorite parts of the program that I’ll miss is the case studies. These case studies were designed to put us in the shoes of an elder team that had to deal with complicated situations involving the members of a church. I didn’t treasure these times because …

Risking the Wrath of the Gods by Aaron Halvorsen

Asserting that Jesus Christ is Lord, and living a life of obedience to Him, will inevitably cause the Christian to walk against the grain of the common culture.  I was reminded of this truth a few weeks ago, as I had the opportunity to take a class at Western Seminary.  Part of the reading for this class was The …

A Quiet Danger by Alex Mauck

The Screwtape Letters is written by C.S. Lewis as a satirical insight into the playbook of Satan. The letters are from an experienced demon (Screwtape) to a novice demon (Wormwood) on how best to thwart a man’s pursuit of God, and the temptations that are most effective in causing us to sway off course. The book is very helpful in seeing things …


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