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Supremacy In Summary

April 8, 2018 Speaker: Art Azurdia Series: That You May Believe

Topic: Jesus Christ Verse: John 3:31–3:36

Pastor Art Azurdia preaching part 15 of the series titled, "That You May Believe." This sermon, "Supremacy In Summary" is taken from John 3:31-36.

This text teaches you that since God loves His Son so, can it be any surprise to you that your experience of eternal life or eternal condemnation turns entirely on your response to this Son—Jesus Christ.

So, does your esteem for Jesus Christ correspond to his supremacy? Because Jesus Christ possesses an unparalleled qualification, he conveys an unrivaled communication and he receives an unequaled adoration—the only possible answer is your belief, your faith, your allegiance, your surrender. Anything less is outrageously inadequate in proportion to his supremacy.

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