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Fervent Passion, Focused Purpose

July 16, 2017 Speaker: Art Azurdia Series: Loving What God Loves

Topic: Church Verse: Matthew 16:13–16:18

Pastor Art Azurdia preaching "Fervent Passion, Focused Purpose", part one of a new series titled "Loving What God Loves" focused on the Doctrine of the Church. In this series we will consider the church in relation to the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit—we will come to love what God loves.

We learn in this opening sermon that Jesus Christ said he would build his church and to ignore his purpose is to deny his Lordship. So, what place should the church occupy in the affections of a Christian man or woman?
As we learn how much Jesus loves his church—so much he gave himself for her. We in turn should love what Jesus loves. The fervency of our passion will be tightly connected to the focus of our purpose.

All of this is why "Trinity Church exists to joyfully exalt the Triune God, faithfully declare the Christ-centered word, intentionally demonstrate Christian love, and zealously evangelize our community and world."

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