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Which Of The Two Are You?

March 19, 2017 Speaker: Art Azurdia Series: Sacred Songs

Topic: righteousness Verse: Psalm 1:1–1:6

Pastor Art Azurdia preaching "Which One Are You" from Psalm 1:1-6, part five of the series Sacred Songs.

This Psalm shows us there are only two kinds of people, respectively characterized by two ways of life and two eternal destinies. The wicked, who have no regard for the word of God, his righteousness or intended purpose for their lives. And the righteous person who clings to the one righteous man, Jesus Christ. The righteous avoids evil influence and absorbs God's word so their lives achieve the intended purpose for which they have been made. For the righteous, it is ultimately because of Jesus' righteousness that they seek in turn to emulate his righteousness.

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