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A Sun-Tanned Cinderella

June 22, 2016 Speaker: Art Azurdia Series: Sexuality Redeemed

Topic: Sacrificial love Verse: Song of Solomon 1:5–1:14

Pastor Art Azurdia preaching part 3 of the midweek sermon series, "Sexuality Redeemed" from The Song Of Solomon 1:5-14.

In this text we see the woman's insecurities around her beauty. Then we see the beauty of the man's expressions of affection which directly answer her expressions of insecurity.
This is a lover's privilege, to apply particular grace to the unique needs of the one loved. In an even greater way God loves us so deeply that he chose us in spite of who we are and disfigured his own son in our place, then clothes and adorns us with his righteousness.

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