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Is There Any Enjoyment East Of Eden?

October 25, 2015 Speaker: Art Azurdia Series: In Search Of Meaning

Topic: Enjoyment Verse: Ecclesiastes 2:18–2:26

Pastor Art Azurdia preaching part six of the series, "In Search Of Meaning" from Ecclesiastes 2:18-26.

Solomon now assesses the result of seeking to find meaning and significance from his work, what he calls, "toilsome labor under the sun." Solomon sums this up as meaningless--unstated but implied; as unfair to have to leave his accomplishments to another who may not be wise and has not worked for it. For Solomon, work is no longer the lover to be pursued, it is the enemy to be hated, because death will cause him to relinquish control over his empire of dirt.
Solomon turns and closes this chapter with optimism that there can be enjoyment east of Eden in a fallen world. This happens when we recognize God is the source of our simplest pleasures. Moreover, we will find significance and value are not defined by what we do, but defined by a relationship to the one who has worked for us, done the hard work of salvation for profits that would not benefit Himself, but benefit us who could never work for them--the finished work of Christ.