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The Torture Of Meaningless Monotony

September 20, 2015 Speaker: Art Azurdia Series: In Search Of Meaning

Topic: secularism Verse: Ecclesiastes 1:1–1:11

Pastor Art Azurdia preaching part two of the series, "In Search Of Meaning" from Ecclesiastes 1:1-11.

In this exceedingly graphic sermon of King Solomon, after returning to God from a profound apostasy, calls his people together and proclaims his conclusions as a man who has attempted to find meaning in a fallen world apart from God. Solomon begins with a comprehensive declaration, followed by a rhetorical question and finishes this section with an observable answer. Solomon is declaring that all of our exhausting toils apart from God gain nothing--there is no enduring benefit from any human endeavor. This is only true if you only look at things under the sun, apart from God. This is written to force our gaze upward to see that there is a God who rules over the sun and He is always doing something new.