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The Consummation

May 10, 2015 Speaker: Art Azurdia Series: Special Services

Topic: Eschatology Verse: Revelation 21:1–21:8

Pastor Art Azurdia preaching a message from Revelation 21:1-8 entitled, "The Consummation."

This text brings us to an important question. "Is our present experience all that God has had in mind for us?" The answer is a resounding, no. There is yet a future aspect to salvation in which the second coming of Jesus will bring the vindication of God's people and the judgment of his enemies. It is important that we do not divorce the compelling promise of what is to come in the future, lest it rob us of the motivating passion to persevere in the present. This future event, often referred to as "the consummation" will usher in a renovated universe purged of everything sinful, a holy community characterized by unalterable joy that will be a divine achievement resulting in consummate life.

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