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January 29, 2017 Sunday sermon from Hebrews 11:39-40 now available

A new sermon from Trinity Church of Portland (Pastor Art Azurdia) is now available on the website, available as streaming audio, mp3 download, or podcast through iTunes.

Pastor Art Azurdia preaching "The Better Plan", part 18 of "The Animation Principle" from Hebrews 11:39-40.

We see something revealed about the people of authentic faith in chapter 11 that has a great bearing on our own faith. God loves all of his own people savingly and eternally but this is not to say that all the benefits have been common to all the people he saves. You as a follower of Jesus Christ have greater reason to persevere than all of the others before you. Christianity is not the exercise of faith in an unfulfilled anticipation—a promise given; it is the exercise of faith in the awareness of a fully accomplished salvation—a promise performed.